Increasing Coverage

For All Cellular Communications

Rover offers a variety of amplifiers that will increase signal coverage and can be used with all the current US wireless carriers.

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In-Building Amplifiers

In-building amplifiers are designed to take an existing signal and boost it throughout an area or building. Rover’s high performance amplifiers are the only units on the market with a 5-watt output on cellular and Nextel. They dramatically increase cellular voice and data performance. Multilevel signal filtration supports high speed and dial up cellular Internet connections for users of Sierra Wireless and Sony Erickson aircards, just to mention a few. All have been successfully tested with 64 voice users simultaneously.
The amplifier units ship complete and ready to install and include a 110vac power supply, an external antenna with mounting hardware and 25’ of low loss coax cable with connectors. Plus, an interior antenna with an attached 12’ coax cable and connector is also included. Additional extension cables with connectors and a variety of custom roof, fascia and on building mounts to facilitate external antenna installation are also available.

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We have completed FCC Licensing and Cellular Carrier Certification


This product is manufactured in an ISO certified facility


This product is manufactured under license from HiBoost, Inc


Originally manufactured for the marine environment, the external antenna; the connectors, cabling and fasteners are all “marine quality”


We will recommend the antenna and component installation locations from your blue prints to a local vendor of your choice at no charge


We can provide onsite personnel to perform a building survey with test equipment and return post installation for an evaluation.
CHT is the exclusive distributor for Europe, Africa and Latin America